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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Move On

"Moses answered the people, ' do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance The Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.'
Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to Move on"
Exodus 14:14-15

 I gaze as far as the eye can see, out to the ominous dark blue.  The further you go, the darker it will  be, hiding all sorts of danger. Don't go too far. You'll drown or something out there will getcha.

 I live at the shore playing around, content to be "safe" in the warmer transparent green. But every now and then,  i feel His hand on my back pushing me towards the dark blue. "No!", i object with a wide stance and push back with my might...all my little might. He's so gentle in response..stops the pushing for the greater purpose of resting His hand upon my shoulder and letting me know He's near as my heart breaks. Broken for what could be...but i just can't... for now...and we talk and I'm happy in my disillusionment of "safety" and comfort. Sometimes so content that i forget He's there...i begin to believe He's not.

Yet, His persistent desire  for me to have more in the darker blue keeps Him pushing in ways i can't really explain...a pull inside my heart that causes water to fall out my eyes, a passing wind of a thought that reoccurs again and again .....and again, until i know it's not my thought at all.
Boredom with my world...a longing for MORE...

I'm afraid and full of excuses towards the dark blue. Lord, i don't know how? i can't?.....how do i stay afloat and alive out in that dark blue?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Slow and Steady onward

All the pebbles beneath me..the color is dazzling my eyes away from the open beauty of the journey. When i get tired and hang my head, i let them slow me down and quiet me to a lull...they are rough below me, an- aching reoccurrence of life stones and lessons and worries. i make my way. onward. Others go around me..faster. Sometimes i sigh a deep sad sigh..as they seem more prone to success and BIG-NESS and GRANDURE! Their stories are "taller" and "weightier". I feel mine could float away with the surrounding wind.  But in that hush and deep sighing...The Greater Story wins...In the end all stories float away except The One Great Story!.... and here, my small story joins in harmony...slowly and steadily the drum beat pounding inside pushes me towards that open Beauty. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stopping to smell the Roses

Life with growing boys has been busy. I've failed to stop and smell the roses (or blog.) This is my place to archive these passing days. I've been working at Eastwood preschool and doing some photography. Kevin continues to work at Midtown and real estate. The boys are growing and thriving at Lockeland Elementary....

I used to miss them so bad it would physically hurt to have them gone 7 hours a day from me. But somehow, the steady new rhythm has lulled me to a new norm...for better or for worse and we are content where we are. The boys love their friends...Kevin loves his job. I like mine ok.....We've had  a big year...not without darkness surrounding, but light continues to win overall and we are thankful.

First Day of School 
Bennett 3rd Grade
Amos 1st Grade

Bennett turns 9

Bennett's soccer ball cake

Laser Tag party with friends

boat rides with The Peters

Best Friend Breakfast and spend the night party after Laser Tag

Amy and I celebrate Dad's 70th
Hiking in Chattanooga

Ms. Roberts visits Amos's Allstar baseball game

On our way to the beach!!
Fall break 2016

We loved our airbnb in Destin, Fl

Jelly fish everywhere...beautiful patterns

The Mann's come to join us for the weekend

Hunting for crabs


Decorating for Halloween

SURPRISE TRIP TO ARIZONA and Grand Canyon for 
KEVIN's BIG 40!!!

Resort in Las Vegas,  Nevada



Camping and then sunrise

Red Rocks State Park

My birthday lunch...

Kelly's painting to Kevin

Kyle comes to surprise Kevin on his actual birthday!!
I put together a softball game for him...

Skipping rocks with Uncle Kyle

Last Game for Amos and The Sounds

Halloween 2016 with our Ninja and Harry Potter

Trick or treating tradition with Remnant

Loveless Cafe tradition

My class at Thanksgiving time

Airbnb at our house..with these new awesome Beds Kevin made the boys

THANKSGIVING at the lake

Finding our Christmas Tree

Dondon is beating Cancer

Celebrating Mom's 70th at the Biltmore Estate

Christmas Time