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Monday, August 7, 2017

After the boys of summer have gone....

I love the song "boys of summer" by Don Henley....so good..Painting pictures of summer nostalgia and sun kissed romance fading...with the running percussion heart beat and seagull electric guitar licks..i sing it at the top of my lungs.  When school starts i feel this in my bones..the summer nostalgia. New things are ahead, but there is mourning for what was. Here i remember our 2017 summer. Thank you God for every sun-kissed bit of it. We soaked it all in.....and carry it with us.

                                                                  Amos's Allstar game

Bennett's team (the underdogs) get 2nd place

The New ( used) Jeep comes into the family

Saying goodbye to the Chickadees class with Linda

Izzy catches a lightning bug

                                                                    Predators Fever

                                                                   Father's Day....

Visiting Dondon and TB and cousins

 Monster Trucks with the The Fowlers

Garden harvest

The Gauses on the boat

The Burdens on the boat

The Peters

Bennett wrote us a letter

Staying with Dondon and TB

Kevin and I lead worship at Coaches Honor marriage Retreat

Amy's Lake House 

Flour war with Grandpa

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