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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Family in Kansas City

Kevin, mom, dad and i went to Kansas City to visit my Grandma. We all had lots of fun. We saw my cousins, Aunt and grandma.....who is AMAZING. She has SO many friends and never stops being wonderful. We all went bowling....here is my dad cosmic bowling ( glow in the dark) a whopping score of 160.....my grandma was right behind him at 145 ....i will not tell you my score. Here is the family in Kansas...and a picture of my cousin's 3 month old baby Jake in the new shoes we got him. They made him smile...and he made us all smile.......


the Warren's said...

Those shoes make me smile too. Cute! So glad you had a sweet time in Kansas. And wow...your grandmother can bowl!!

the Trontels said...

wow! Grandma is impressive! Im glad you and Kevin got the chance to visit with family- thats awesome! you look soooo good pregnant- I hope to be as lucky as you.....someday!