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Friday, August 3, 2007

Georgia Showers.....

This is a picture of "the Girls" In Macon, Ga. Kevin's grandmothers, his sister Kelly ( and her beautiful daughter Shannon) , his mom and me.....Kelly and Mrs. Mann threw us a wonderful shower in Macon....but i didnt have my camera to capture all the cool things they did.....

Family: My sister, Grandma and Mom

My best friends in Georgia...the hosts of the Marietta shower: Mandy, Amy, and Christie

My sisters beautiful arrangement by her pool for the shower in Marietta, Ga.


the Trontels said...

Your family is SO cute....i guess I didn't expect anything less after meeting you and your parents! Wow! The Georgia shower looked beautiful- you look so happy :)

the Warren's said...
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the Warren's said...

So pretty!! Amy's backyard looks AMAZING. She's such a sweet sis! I love seeing all your family. I'm so happy you got such fabulous things for baby Mann.

We had fun yesterday. You, my friend, are hysterical. We LOVE hanging out with y'all!

"Oh my gosh, I see it's 6:30. Jesus healed my eyes!!"
I know...I've thought the same thing.

*I deleted my comment above because it posted before I was finished!! :)

carolineb said...

Go to Annie's blog for a laugh that may bring on your labor.