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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's 2 am... I cant sleep...interesting Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Facts

Did you Know?????

1. Goldfish were originally green. The Chinese bred them to be many different colors....gold stuck.
2. Rabbits and kangaroos can't walk.
3. Dolpins that live in the Amazon River are pink.
4. Camels are born without humps. ( they can also drink 25 gallons of water in 1/2 hour)
5. In the 13th century, Europeans baptised children with beer.
6. Tableclothes originally served as big napkins....people would wipe their hands and face on them.
7. There is enough salt in the ocean to cover the earth 14 inches deep.
8. Only 30% of people are able to flare their nostrils.
9. Droplets in a sneeze can travel 12 feet and remain in the air for up to 3 hours....(scary)
10. If you listen to a cricket churp..you can figure out the temperature ( Fahrenheit) by counting the number of chirps per 15 seconds and add 40. Its true...Kevin and i tried it in this blazing hot weather and it worked.


the Warren's said...


1) You need to seriously stop emailing at 2:30AM crazy girl!

2) Before I die, I must see a pink dolphin.

3) I'm in that 30% of nostril flarer's.

4) I'm sending the sneeze fact to Mark. He doesn't understand why I gag everytime he sneezes. I hold my sneeze in, so it doesn't spread germs...his sounds like it's flying everywhere. GROSS!

the Trontels said...

Hillarious and SO very interesting! Alrighty...

1. I too am in the 30% of nostril flarer's- how flatering huh!?

2. And sneezes....I have to roll down the car window after ANYONE sneezes. Those droplets you mentioned- yes, I envision them and must "air" out the car immediately. Reed thinks it does nothing, but I believe the sneeze gets sucked out when i roll that window down :)

3. Cant wait to discuss the Warren shower with you, and SUPER excited to hold your baby very soon!!!!

Jamie, Jennifer, Bella and Emery Brewer said...

Oddly enough, by watching Go Diego Go with Bella we learned that there are baby river dolphins that turn pink when they are grown! Hang in there. We are praying for a great delivery!

Joel, Dot and Judah said...

I am in the 30% too and I like to think I can flare faster than anyone else. Next time I see you, I will show you!