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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bennett is ONE MONTH

My sister, niece, grandma and mom visiting

The Mann family in town at Gentry's Pumpkin Farm

Zeal tolerates Bennett

Bennett likes Kevin's thumb when crying

Look at Bennetts face here???

Our sweet boy

Bennett says "HELLO" to everyone


the Warren's said...

I love him. What PRECIOUS pictures!! That funny face is hilarious!!! You look amazing, my sweet friend. love you 3!!

Jen Brewer said...

He's just great! Thanks for sharing the pics. Soak it up, he's only 1 month old once! Be blessed!

the Trontels said...

Aww, your family is precious. Baby Bennett is TOO cute...I cant wait to see him when we meet next week! I love these pictures....they totally made my day- im smiling :)


carolineb said...

We're coming to Franklin Nov 2-3, hope we can see you (him).

steve and randel hambrick said...

i LOVE the pic with mandy.. so funny!! what a cutie!

Justin said...

He is Awesome!! I love the pic w/ Z. I hope to come visit Nashville soon (this month or next) to see you and my bro. Take care. Love you guys!