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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Indiana with Caedmon's Call

Kevin, Bennett and Garett

This was after the show and you can see the sweaty armpit stains on my shirt i got from nerves if you look closely

This is the back of the bus and in the middle were bunks

We were blessed to go to Indiana with Caedmon's this weekend and bring Bennett. I got to sing for Danielle since she had a baby girl two weeks ago and Kevin road managed. This was the tour bus. It was good lookin'


the Trontels said...

oh what cool pictures! im so glad you were able to go out on the road- the whole world needs to hear your talent!

sweet baby bennett is getting so big and handsome!

p.s ONLY YOU can make a "sweaty armpit" comment and still be cute :) your make me laugh!

carolineb said...

Y'all are so cool.

nysewanders said...

I bet you were amazing!