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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas is coming

Cant wait for sparkly lights and smokey chimneys....
candy smelling Christmas trees and unopened things..
newborn eyes seeing snowy white
bare trees against starry night
Warm sweaters, hats and jeans
..Old memories rising and nuzzling down deep..
recipes with pumpkin, songs about grace..
thats all i can say cause my baby awakes...


the Trontels said...

i love this! you use your words in a charming way...that always makes me smile :)

yes, christmas IS coming....but Dickens will be here NEXT WEEK! i cant wait to see baby bennett...perhaps with tiny elf shoes on?

Big Hugs!

carolineb said...

If you were any more adorable the world would fall off it's axis. Seriously.

Annie said...

Hey! Super cute title to the blog. I'm so ferociously jealous.

nysewanders said...

Hey! The holidays have hit massively up here! I don't know if its because the temp gets so low so fast or what, but people get PUMPED about Christmas right after (or a little before) Halloween. Crazy! Right now we have about a foot of snow on the ground and have taken Isaiah Grace out for her first sledding adventure... I love Christmas time! Blessings to all the Menn and I love getting to read y'alls blog:) Take care!

小小彬 said...