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Monday, January 21, 2008

Annie's visit

Our friend Annie came for a visit from Georgia this weekend. She is truly a talented writer and a cool cat. Maybe she will become a "Nashville cat" if the Lord leads her up here to live? Here are some photos of our adventures 'round town. I'm not much good at showing off anything these days except Bennett; hence, the photos. But i hope she got some taste of Nashvegas.....

Here we are in Franklin at Pucketts Restaurant
where the waitress calls you "honey and sweetie" a lot

kevin dancing with the naked statues of music square

When we were driving around town we found a fellow with a balding spot that screams

Annie and our son " The Olympic Ski jumper"....
(Annie you know what i mean)

no, its not spit up.....its his first cereal tasting

Family nap in the sun


the Warren's said...

i'm still laughing at the statue picture!

that bald spot is so funny!!!

Kristi said...

Bennett kinda' looks like Uncle Kyle, I think.

the Trontels said...

Ok, the Valentine bald spot was hillarious- I love that you had to take that picture!!

My ultimate fav picture in this post is of the family nap- the sunlight is amazing....so peaceful. It made my day :)


Cute Card Queen said...

Me too. I really do laugh out loud each time I look at your blog. Which is not very often, I must admit, but I should come more b/c I like to laugh. That bald spot is so so funny.

carolineb said...

About 74% of the time, Annie makes everything 93% more hilarious.

carolineb said...

I keep coming back to see you and that precious boy napping in the sun.

h. said...

um, thank you supermann's for sheltering us from those tornadoes tues night.. your closet was our safe haven. that was fun!