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Monday, March 17, 2008

Event FULL Weekend Review and Happy St. Patricks Day to you

We had a wonderful weekend.....my parents came in town to visit and help with Bennett while we got to go play a show with Andrew Peterson's Easter Tour on Sunday. This weekend was filled with family, new births, and new milestone's for Bennett. We feel blessed.

You cant pinch our boy today...he's wearing green and a funny pacifier Grandpa gave him. He's sitting up on his own pretty much too.

Ah oh. Bennett crawled for the first time this weekend...and can get into EVERYTHING!!!
Here he reaches for my keys.......grandma and grandpa had their hands full helping us. This morning we think he said his first word ( not really of course), but he kept repeating "abba...abba abba...and, kid you not, on the changing table this morning he repeated me saying it....Cool though if his first word was ABBA...which means GOD. 

Grandma holding the squirmy worm this weekend. We were so thankful for them.

Meghan and Matthew Jones had their daughter Canaan here is Nashvegas

Melissa and Andy Sparrow had their daughter Anna  in Georgia

Corry and Steve Cande had Catherine  in Texas 

We arrived home at 3 am this morning from a Sunday show in Indiana with the Andrew Petersons Easter tour. We are tired...but it was super fun.


Reed & Kelli said...

ok, you win the prize for the biggest weekend ever!

wow- soo many births over the weekend. how beautiful. so amazing.

love you girl....talk soon.

mark, vanessa & baby noah said...


Bennett is getting so big. Awesome that he's crawling AND sitting up on his own!

I think that pacifier is AWESOME!

Ok, you have a ton of friends with new babies...my goodness!! All of them are cute!

I can't wait to hear how the show went!!! See you soooon! Love you!!

Annie said...

I can't wait until the day (AUGUST!) when I see a picture of Bennett, decide he is too cute to resist, and then drive to your house to hug him.

And y'all can go out to dinner or something while Bennett and I hang and talk about life.

IdavD james said...

What a cute idea about weird and funny pacifier for baby! Seriously, I really loves baby pacifier and wubbanub which makes your baby cute but awful.