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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Bennett bundled up for the snow

Sledding on a golf course with friends and neighbors and baby and dogs

Look at this igloo Kevin and i built.....( just kidding...our neighbors did it)

Brief encounters...Spring and Winter

We are on a sled...and Bennett's not liking it

We need to paint our house a  color....


Joel, Dot and Judah said...

Wow- amazing igloo. Seriously, I didn't know people could really do that...I thought just Eskimo's could. Of course, they are people too. Eskimos, I didn't mean anything mean by that last comment.
So fun in the snow!! Yall are so cute and Bennett is a DOLL!!

the Trontels said...

oh what fun!! and that igloo....super cool! did your famous artsy friend have anything to do with that masterpiece? haha!

♥ ♥ ♥

the Warren's said...

holy moly...that IGLOO! awesome. exactly...did Asia build this? my thoughts exactly, kelli! haha. :)

bennett is so precious. noah is dying to hang out with him again!! we love you!

Jonathan said...

hey, its amy, not jg (he makes me identify himself because he wouldnt write about 99.9% of the things that i do).
bennet is soooo cute¡¡¡ (and jg has spanished-up our computer, so my exclamation points are upside down¡)¡ hope yall are doing well¡ i love keeping up with you on your blog¡¡¡

carolineb said...

I'm just imagining you 3 flying down a hill on a sled laughing/crying your lungs out all at the same time. And, I'm loving that little round boy. He's perfect.