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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What has two thumbs and loves a lot of new local records?

 Every now and again God blesses us with the chance to sing back ground vocals with people...i sure love it. I think if i could do back ground vocals for a living...that would be my favorite job on earth... ( except God knows us better than we know ourselves..so there may be a much better job out there...like helping the sick or something that brings much more fullfillment...but anyway).....here a few new artists that i was blessed to sing with and i think their albums are "REAL GEWD".

1) Matthew Perryman Jones- "Swallow the Sea" comes out in August

"Sad like a melody, full like a symphany..striking a chord".
Thats one of Matthew Perryman Jones' lyrics on his new album....and it describes the album...a little. Its so good. Its so very good. He's been featured on Grey's Anatomy and Eli Stone. And i believe more is to come for our friend. The Lyrics take the wind out of you...they are that good. ( at least to me). That coupled with the melodies. The song about his little baby girl Canaan makes me cry good tears. 
Its one of those albums you want to take a longer drive home just to hear more of....

2) Eric Wilson and the Empty Hearts- Quarterfuse.... ( out now)

Ok.... this is a new artist in town. The BGV's were recorded when i was pregnant...( so Bennett is kinda on it too). i love this guys stuff. Its kinda David Mead-ish meets old country...(Kelli Trontell if you read this..i think you'd like his stuff). Man...its slow and good. He knows who he is, and his southern heart bleeds with the banjo and fiddle so beautifully.

3)Mojo and the Info- (out soon...)

This is a rockin album. Not my normal style...(SKA)......but really smart, creative and full of Jesus...I guess its not all SKA..( like his old stuff)..he has a piano ballad that is gorgeous. Anyway...Bennett really likes this album and screams with joy when its on; and Kevin and i dance to the beats. And there are some cool beats.....

4) The Midtown Record ( out soon)

Our church has just finished a record of hymns and well written original songs. Kevin is one of the worship leaders and sings back ground on one of the songs. All the proceeds go to our church to help the worship ...since most leaders are on volunteer basis. Its creative and has so many talents all coming together. 

5) Andrew Osenga - coming soon

I've only heard one song..the one i was blessed to sing on...which was WAY cool. ( not my part....even though it was cool ..just kidding) but his song was cool...pop and groove. I think he got an extra amount of annointing from God when he was born. I cant wait to hear the rest of the album. Sometimes he sings on his own at a Caedmon's concert and its captivating...he has so much passion and presence. 


elaine davis said...

Mandy! no worries, i blog stalk you too, and i love it. we met your cool friend Matthew Perryman Jones this past weekend at a sweet tiny concert at our friend's loft. We talked about how wonderful and talented and wonderful you are :) much love to you and the menn!

Reed & Kelli said...

oh what an awesome post! music is wonderful and i love to be introduced to new tunes and artists....so i will definitely keep an eye out for Eric Wilson and the Empty Hearts......thanks for thinking of me girl!

can i just reiterate that i love how you write...the way you describe things....the way you "use your words." seriously...."this southern heart bleeds with the banjo and fiddle so beautifully." you are a rockstar my friend!

p.s i cant wait till Bennett "uses his words"...this will be cool for sure! i love you!!!!!!

Ali O said...

ummmm, i JUST stumbled upon your blog, and I'm so glad! i had no idea you had one!!! now i do, and i will read it with excitement and joy and anticipation and breathtaking wonder.


Paul said...

Hey, I am glad that I found you guys when the alarm when off on my MPJ Google Alert... I shall become a frequent reader. - www.paualanjones.com

mark, vanessa & baby noah said...

First of all, that picture - classic. You're hilarious.

Secondly, I really want to hear Matthew's new record...plus, I want to hear your angelic voice! I'm excited you've gotten to work on these great projects. Those records are that much better because of you.

{Side notes}
I bought Dale's sauce...yum. Noah misses your plush bed. Bennett needs some Marky Mark time again! That was too cute. :) We love y'all!

*jj said...

Hey Mandy! I'd love to make a onesie for you :). Can you email me.. jj@jjheller.com ?

Lori Jones said...

Hey Mandy,

Somehow I found your blog and wanted to say hi! Bennett is such a cutie. :)

Lori Jones