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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh, Praise GOD

AH, to feel normal again...!!!! what a HUGE blessing! I cant get over how THANKFUL i am just to be out of bed. The birds are singing...my baby is laughing...food looks appealing, life is worth living again. The stomach bug, or some horrible something, ravaged our household these last two days. Kevin first, then me. So far...Bennett is in the clear. I woke the night before last with a civil war being fought inside my stomach. All day long the fight was intense. We were loosing.... aches, chills, fever. My body fought such a good fight and all i did was lay in bed BEGGING JESUS to come. I kept holding on to the hope that this would be over in 24 hours (like the great warriors that went before me, Vanessa, Mark, And Kevin, said. Ah....when daylight hit ...i knew we had won!!!! Praise GOD for the human body that wins these fights. I am SO THANKFUL!!!!! May GOD keep everyone healthy this Thanksgiving. Its enough just to feel normal. I will be very Thank FULL this Thanksgiving.


Reed and Kelli said...

girl...i am SO glad you are feeling better! Reed was sick too....and still fighting off the remains of it {cough and sneezes}. i have not caught any of this and praying that I dont :)

have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend. i am so thankful for you, your friendship, your sweet heart and spirit and your beautiful way with words.....it blesses me every time. i love you!

steve and randel hambrick said...

eeekkkk. sounds AWFUL. keep that mess in nashville! :)