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Friday, November 7, 2008

Stopping to Enjoy

Kevin and i packed up Bennett, and drove to Nachez Trace.....I had a smile on my face the whole time. I think it was because its been too long since we stopped to simply enjoy life. No agenda.....no plan other than drinking in the color of leaves and eating yummy things at Loveless Cafe. There's plenty to worry about and each day has it's way of escaping before i can wrap my hand around it....before i can enjoy it. It was a lovely time.

Look at this face.....Bennett was FLIRTING with the waitress. She was playing peek-a-boo around the corner and he couldnt get enough of it. Lately i feel like someone stole my baby at night and replaced him with this toddler-boy who talks back to me and says "thank you"....or more like "annkooo" after i give him some food. A toddler who runs through our home like a tornado, climbs ladders, repeats words, pushes mommies hand away, pefers to use utensils, sways to music.....flirts with girls. UG! its going so fast...i want time to stop. Not really...but lately the changes of Bennett are overwhelming me. I love him anew each day...and mourn the loss of his infancy.....i want to stop and enjoy him more....

If i were a tree and got to choose my color in the fall.....im pretty sure i would be yellow, or an orange-y yellow. How about you????

I really enjoyed to trees....the colors were brighter than i thought they'd be out there....Why do leaves become brightest right before they die? Well, i had to know this in college. They change color ( actually go back to their original color) because they're loosing their chlorophyll - the pigment that causes the leaf to be green which is produced by photosynthesis- so when the earth rotates away from the sun....they are loosing their ability to produce that, food...etc...... ( im a secret nature nerd. i used to take more time to enjoy nature...i want to do that again...and share that part of me with Bennett)


The Musician said...

I'd be one of those ones that flame red. Although the giant golden maples make my heart happy too.

I am always amazed how fast babies turn into big boys (or girls). Ours is just 10 days old today and already she is bigger! Sigh.

*jj said...

oooh. We've never been to the Loveless Cafe! We keep meaning to go... it's on our list of things to do before baby Lucy arrives. Thanks for offering to bring us a meal! We would love that :).