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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Light is beautiful

Light is beautiful .....darkness must flee around it. The tiniest bit of light stretches so far....a flashlight beam....a Christmas light. Hidden things become visable and what was not known becomes known. We are drawn to it, and sometimes afraid of its exposure. Nothing is hidden when its around. Its very nature is warm. I am interested in the adjectives they used to describe Jesus....one adjective said is "Light of the World". The Light that comes though Spirit and dwells in human flesh....the human heart. Light of the WORLD? the whole world huh? How can He be everywhere? This confuses me sometimes....how can He be in every heart that invites Him? I guess sunshine can be everywhere during the day. And the Bible says that His light will be MUCH MUCH greater than the sun. hmmmmm . Nature gives me some answers i think...some small glimpses of The Creator's characteristics. Anyway.....just pondering light this Christmas.......


Elaine Davis said...

Great pictures! How cool! I love your thoughts. We were in and out of nashville this weekend and I thought about you guys. We'll have to come up there to see you sometime!

Reed and Kelli said...

im loving this post....and the wonderful pictures! we received your Christmas card and absolutely LOVED the pictures so it made my day to see them again on your blog. So cool.

praying you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Travel safe, enjoy your family and know that we love you dearly.