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Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals of mine in 2009

1. To give life each day...not death... dwell on life giving things not things that bear no fruit. Speak life into friends and family...not depressing talk like i always seem to do.

2. To laugh more and see humor in situations

3. To make some money.....

4. Be cleaner and Greener.

5. Write or c0-write a jingle that gets on T.V. ( p.s I just sang background on a Nintendo commercial jingle ....if it gets picked for T.V. i'll blog about it)

6. Pick up my crying child that is waking up now from nap ( one goal already accomplished)

7. Drink less Caffeine (rats...i love Caffeine)

8. Become a regular bike rider....(Not motorcycles)

9. Finish my E.P...which means "Extended Play"...the five songs i recorded WAY TOO LONG AGO.

10. Trust GOD more......

11. Walk alongside friends and family better....more lovingly involved in things outside myself.

12. Love Bennett better...... teach him Spanish, how to read, and outdoor things.....and potty training.....