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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pace of my feet

Sunlight taps my shoulder .....gently, gently...touch, touch...wake and rise from bed. The little voice next door is waking my ears......gently, gently. The pace feels slow and kind. Up we rise, our feet find the pace of the day's rhythm. Kevin's shower,  eggs  on heat,  car engine begins and fades away leaving the house silent and ready for the sounds we choose to fill the rooms with. This pace is slow and kind. I heard the rain and thunder begin. We opened the door and sat next to each other; mother and son, eating a snack, watching the water fall from the sky in pace that was slow and kind. I know this season will pass too quick...the pace of my feet will quicken until i feel i can barely keep up....but for  now...the pace is slow and kind. 


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

love your words.
you are such a talent in so many ways, and being a mom is something you were created so perfectly for. life passes by so quickly...continue to enjoy that slow pace. i'm so happy you get too xx

The Musician said...

You make me smile. Typing while feeding baby! Talk to you soon?