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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amos is here

Dark haired ...beautiful Amos

My Parents with the boyz

Amos can cry loud...and still look cute

Bennett hiding with Amos' pacifier in mouth ( upside down)

The 4 of us

in hospital

friends visit

Grandpa Mann

grandma (Don Don) & Aunt Kelly

Bennett holding Amos the 1st time

proud daddy

"Wonder of all wonders...everything has changed...ever since i met you.... beauty has a name." Thad Cockrill wrote that...and it perfectly applies to my heart towards baby Amos. Its a brand new love i have for this boy....His smile captures my soul.GOD opened my heart to love this one....just like he opened my heart to love Bennett.
Here is Amos' birth story...such a story of GOD's kindness and redemption as those of you who read this know my fears from the last delivery.

I went 5 days past my due date.....went to Dr. Storck (yes that's her real name)on February 2nd where she stripped my membranes. My awesome Doula, Susie Meeks, came over after and did a few things i wont mention...( i will mention that Kevin and i laughed a lot though). I sent Susie home so that we could watch the premier of Lost. BUT Amos had other plans.....i started close contractions; took a shower in disbelief this was happening. Kevin & I knew it was time but went about our business..packing...dressing Bennett, calling my parents to come from Atlanta...calling my Doula to come back, calling my friend Faith to come help with Bennett. Kevin timing the contractions....Bennett running from shower to Kevin saying..."mommy says..ouch ow ow...daddy". I was sane...could talk and walk. UNTIL.....when doula got there i was already 5 centimeters dialated. Faith wasnt answering her phone which made us stay home a little longer than my doctor would have wanted. But i liked it that way ( even though it could have been dangerous).....i couldnt talk through contractions anymore.....
We got to the hospital at 8:30. I had Amos at 11:45 naturally. They laid baby on my tummy after birth, and Kevin and i cried at the goodness of GOD...the redeeming story. It HURT SO BAD...im not gonna lie. I wanted the epidural during it..but the contractions were so fast and close i couldnt even get the words out. The only words i got out...was " JESUS I need You"......JESUS COME"...."mommy" and some noises i never knew i could make...nor like to remember.....I threw up a lot due to the pain ....i bit Kevin twice (not hard...i wasnt thinking straight...but it should be noted what an incredible encouragement Kevin was), ....i popped blood vessels in my eyes, and lots of capillaries in my face burst pushing the 45 minutes at the end. It looked like i had freckles when it was over. BUT, in the midst..GOD gives you enough...and it its beautiful at the same moment of pain. Such a miraculous thing! I FELT it all.....i heard Amos' first cry and felt him in my belly one second and on my chest the next.
He is here...and no matter what way it happened i would be thankful....but i am extra thankful just due to my past fears..thank you JESUS....thank YOU!!!
His name was the next phase of labor. He looked like Amos right away to me, however i knew our family didnt like the name. i cried many tears over this (partly hormones im sure) and prayed hard during the 2 sleepless nights in hospital. Lennon was the name...but we couldnt settle on it..and i felt deep in my heart he was Amos. So here he is: Thank you God for:
Amos (carried by God)
Lennon (dear one)
born 2-2-10 at 11:45 , 7 pounds 13 oz, 20 inches. our little gift.
The days have passed fast...as i know they will. Each moment a gift if we can look at it that way during Bennett's terrible tantrums and requests to put the baby back in his tummy. i kindly tell him that the baby cant go back in anyone's tummy.
My parents came in town and watched Bennett while we healed a bit...they cooked, cleaned, loved on us and the boyz....now Kevin's parents are in town....we are thankful. So thank FULL.


Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

He is beautiful, we cannot wait to meet him in person. Hoping all of you are snuggled up getting ready for Amos' first snow. So proud, so thankful, and so full of joy. We love you all. Boys are wonderful, awesome, and lovely.

The SanMiguel's said...

Mandy - I saw your blog through Vanessa's (and I believe we met once at their house). We had our second baby almost 4 months ago. The first few weeks were a definite challenge and huge adjustment, especially for our two year old. I felt a bit conflicted at first over being excited about the new baby, but also sad that I was rocking my baby girl's world to its core. But be encouraged - she quickly became a doting sister and after a couple months, I started to see light at the end of the tunnel (like, maybe I really CAN go out in public and handle two little ones). I'm saying a prayer for you and your family as you enjoy and adjust to the new challenge and adventure of being a family of four. All the best! - Dena

Lori Jones said...

Jumping up and down, so happy for y'all! Can't wait to meet Amos.

The Morginskys said...

oh my. i LOVE hearing the birth story. i am so very thankful for you too that God granted your hearts desires for this birth. its amazing right?
he is BEAUTIFUL. i love his skin color and his name (both names!) and that your heart is swelling with love for him. miss you friend.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

i love the story. so completely opposite than the last, right?! both incredible. God knew what you needed & when...what you desired & how...for these 9 mths [plus 5 days...those count, ha] he knew what you desired and in 45 mins he answered your hearts cry. AWESOME.

in this parenting journey, it's so cool to see how we mature not only as mothers but as women of faith. i rejoice with you guys...so-so-so happy. we love Amos so much & can't wait to hug him again [if Noah lets me, ha]. see you very soon...! love you & so incredibly PROUD of YOU. xx

Elaine Davis said...

Oh my goodness! He is so beautiful! We're so happy for you Manns! Mandy, what a gift is the Lord's strength! I'm proud of you sister!

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

p.s. i want the photo your dad took of all of us...! :)

david, kelly & sam said...

just LOVED reading the birth story. you are a dear sweet family and we heart you sooooo much!

the richitinos...

Lora said...

I am SO happy for you that you got to experience natural childbirth. God is so good! And He gave you the grace and strength to do it!
And Amos is beautiful! My goodness...

It was so cool to read your blog today because my husband just got approved today to open a store with his students. It was a long road for him and God really opened the doors and gave him breakthrough. Long story short - the name of the store is Amos'! So reading about your Amos being born was a confirmation to me today. God birthed my husband's Amos, too. God is definitely in the business of giving us all our heart's desires as we delight ourselves in Him!
Blessings and praying for you during this transitional time,

Rebecca said...

He is beautiful, god is so good. Precious family.

mallory said...

He is beautiful! What a blessing to your family. I can't wait to catch up. Enjoy these first few weeks. Hope you have some help! love you!