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Monday, April 5, 2010

The need to be held

Sharing laughs and food

Billy twirls Bennett and his future wife Emmy

Amos gives Easter smiles

This morning began with me feeding Amos while Bennett was tugging at my pant legs demanding to be held with tears and frustration. i spend most days like this lately....one of the boys longing for me to hold them. I know one day i will BEG for them to want me to hold them...but for now i am kinda getting tired of the constant tug at my sleeve. This NEED to be held...this longing for sole attention ..this desire to have a playmate...and play all day are real desires of their heart. AS an adult i forget this need....anyway...here are a few pics from Easter...PLAYING hard. and i digress...turn my attention and gaze towards my boys to play a little...HAPPY EASTER SEASON...may GOD be alive in our lives....giving us HIS attention and holding us and our desires.


katie davis said...

baby amos is gorgeous! that smile is amazing=) and bennett looks like a perfect little ball of life. precious little boy. congratulations to your sweet growing family!

The Morginskys said...

oh girl. the tugging at the pant legs never ends. even now, at almost 2 & 4 they want to be held at the same time. surely thats a good thing right? you are a good momma filled with love over flowing. i love you and miss you~~~~

vanessa said...

psst...i'm back!
go check out my blog. at least i know you'll be excited about it...hahaha! ;)

LOVE you & SO happy you had a wonderful Easter. those little boys are toooooo cute!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

So great to see those sweet growing boys!

Katy Bowser said...

Mandy, I've just found your blog, and am so excited! We alway seem to be moving through the neighborhood just inches apart- so glad to know what's going on. Loving the pictures, the thoughts, the stories. Thank you!