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Friday, June 25, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Bennett's desire to roar like a bear all the time

cool hats on cool cats

something about Amos' smile and sparkly eyes

Bennett's helping hand and a daddy who teaches

Bennett hugging his sheep one minute

and then chasing me the next

with claws and monster feet and training underwear

the way Amos grabs his right toe with his right hand

Amos' baby fat rolls

i love the part where Amos' hand and wrist come together in puffy cuteness

That my boys can wear the same size diaper


kierstin said...

so cute! love the family portrait. Eli has the same Superman shirt. We need to get a photo of them together. :)

Mandy Robinson said...

I love watching your family grow! Can you imagine if we had a glimpse of these faces in our families when we were back in college? I am all teary eyed over the love you have with your family. Thank you for posting for us out of towners :) Miss and love you, friend!