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Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Conversations with a 2 year old

Bennett wearing his "underwear" hat....

Conversation #1

Daddy: "Bennett what is the letter of the day you learned?"
Bennett: "Letter C " (said with enthusiasm)
Daddy: "What word begins with C?"
Bennett: " B-B-B-....AMOS!" ( said with more enthusiasm)

Conversation # 2

Bennett: "when i grow up i dont want to be a clown...i want to be a drummer"
Mommy: " oh...drummer Bennett"
Bennett: "no my name is LOCKSHINE"....
Mommy: "Lockshine?"

( this coming from a boy who named his blanky...."ShingJang".....

Conversation# 3 -


Tantrum screaming Bennett coming home from the East Nashville Tomato Fest: "I wanna go back to tomatofresh....i wanna go back to Tomatofresh...i dont want to leave.......i wanna go back to Tomatofresh........( insert loud screaming) Amos.... now crying too in the car.....

Mommy singing/repeating in front seat: "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...there's just something about your name ( i sing that song when im about to LOOSE IT!)

Tantrum Bennett: " I wanna go back to tomatofresh........etc. etc. etc....


Bennett: "mommy i love you"
Mommy:" ahhh..i love you too"
Bennett: "Amos i love you"......
Mommy: "ahhh Amos loves you too, and loves when you dont take toys from him or step on him"

This 2 year old Jekyll and Hyde thing is wearing me out....


The Musician said...

Mama puts herself in time out when she's about to lose it. Also, crayons go in time out when Cora decides to color everything in her reach orange while I cook dinner. (she found a random nub of broken crayon under something. Clearly my housekeeping skills are lacking here.)

I feel ya girl!

Lora said...

that picture is hilarious! so cute... and i totally understand about losing it.. you should read my blog - the past couple of posts have been all about that.
:) lora

Nikki said...

I LOVE this picture of Bennett! And Amos is getting so big! I can't wait to get to meet him. Sounds like Bennett has a creative soul...and imagination. I will pay money to have a conversation with him.