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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bring out the Fatted Calf

Bring out the Fatted Calf

It’s the happy day you were born.

I labored for you 3 years ago and would do it all again

Yes, I love you! My blond head boy..

So much so my heart hurts…

Let ‘s fill those blue eyes with wonder and delight!!!

Bring out the Fatted Calf ( ie: Jumpy castle)

Invite the little friends…( and put mustaches on them)

Call the musicians to sing and play…( 4- square)

Let us eat cake (a digger one just for you)

Fill the bowls with food and wine ( mac-n-cheese and beer )

Come eat and play outside…

My heart beams with pride as you beat box and dance around

Sand box filled with sweet girls and boys…( except when they throw sand)

Bring out the gifts…..bring out the toys

I feel rich now with friends….when before I felt poor

Praise The Lord who sets the lonely into friends/family….

Who brings springtime after winter

Who creates little ones so fearfully and wonderfully…

Who creates songs of praise in this hard heart of mine..

Who gives us this day to celebrate Bennett boy…


mallory said...

You are the best mommy! love all the pictures! Wish my kids could have been there!

Son said...

This is so sweet Mandy. Loved every word.

Joanne said...

You are such a clever, creative mom. I loved your take on scripture...making it so very personal. It is so much fun for me to see you young moms raise your children in the joy of the Lord and now I would like to do it all over again and use some of your great ideas. Love Love Love reading your blog and looking at all the photos. It is true, honest, joyful, and filled with love.

carolineb said...

Yes, what Joanne said!