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Monday, October 11, 2010

Chihuly Nights

We had a great family night looking at "Chihuly" art at Cheekwood. The brilliant lights and colors kept all our eyes amazed and awake. Now Bennett pretends he is "making glass" out of everything like Chihuly did....

p.s. I had to put a picture up of the little Puma Tennis shoes i found for Amos that are EXACTLY like my big ones...it melted my mama heart.

p.s.s Tonight when Kevin put Bennett to bed he asked Bennett what he was thankful for. Bennett mumbled off a few things and at the end Kevin said...." Did you say you're thankful for Jesus?".....and Bennett said..."No, im thankful for Cheatah's"...hmmmmm
i guess its good to be thankful for Cheatah's too....

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The Musician said...

You guys and your family outings...so sweet! I thought about your halloween costumes. You as little red riding hood, Kevin as the wolf, Bennet as the woodsman who saves you, and Amos as the basket of goodies you are bringing to Grandma. I giggled when it came to me. Even though Amos would be a heavy basket now!