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Friday, December 3, 2010

Glad to be Home

The baby birds await their food in this picture

So glad to be home with my little boys...
This morning i embrace it all:
Mama, maid, custodian, chef, playmate, referee, protector, listener, at times the yell-er, but not today....it seems i'm warm inside ...like the house we're nestled in .. warm within the winter cold...this morning is sweet and alive.
There's no where else i'd rather be....loving them and they loving me
these days will be few i know.

So glad to be home with my little boys.

Amos bravely ventures into the Toy Soldier Battle. I see him crawling into the scene.
Bennett has a strategic plan. Green v's red lined up on couch..neatly in rows.
Battle roars..and "shoot gun" sounds....
Amos cries real tears as Bennett pushes him away...
mama must enter the battle here.....hold on!

ok....oh yes...i'm thankful to be home even amidst the battles
my ears hear the first words formed...
my ears hear the word "daddy" change to "dad"
My ears hear the laughter and the tears
the growing pains within these walls...

I see the little hands and feet ...baby ears..baby skin
The little questioning eyes..
The toddler isnt as big as i comparatively think of him..
he too is just a little guy...i must remember this today....
these little gifts im home with now...so glad to be home with my boys


mallory said...

admist all the craziness of our days....it is a blessing to not miss any of it!
I love to hear other moms who truly love that they are at home.
You are a great mommy, Mandy and your kids are so lucky to have you!

Son said...

I love how you think and express. I look up to you Mandy!