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Monday, January 31, 2011

Amos' 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Amos

You my baby boy, sitting in the sun
The sunshine floods the room as if it knows
It's time to celebrate!
The baby is aglow
I take pictures of you.
you like a sunbeam of light
I can't quite hold in my hands but try
I take these pictures of you.
Let the sun shine on those toes, that tummy..chubby baby rolls
I hold you close! i hold you close...
but like a sunbeam in my hand
You always wiggle free and shine away from me
I take these pictures of you
my attempt to capture you
My baby boy that grows and grows
If i could hold you and not let go..
hold you near before the shift of light again..
Is there a way to make you stay?
I take these pictures of you


mallory said...

I wish I could get my hands on him! He is so precious. Can't believe he is one! Thanks for the pix of us in the mail--love it!

Kellie Lutito said...

Mandy these pics of Amos are STUNNING!!! Great job! Wow, you are amazing. Such a sweet sweet 1 year old boy!!!Happy Birthday Amos!

vanessa said...

Mandy ... I LOVE these pictures!!! Great job, my friend. I love Amos so very much ... he is such a precious precious baby. I am SO happy I got to see him & I can NOT believe he is ONE! I pray this year is a beautiful one for that sweet boy. LOVE you & so very proud of YOU!

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday handsome Amos, little sunshine in your mom, dad and brother's lives. Your photos are beautiful and your mom wrote words to match them perfectly.

carolineb said...

Oh wow, didn't think he favored B until picture #3. He is gorgie-poo in every way! Love him! And his family! HBD A-man!

kierstin said...

UH!!!! He is AMAZING! so adorable and such a sweet smile and beautiful eyes. I can't believe he is ONE already! Happy Birthday Amos, and blessings on your life.

Also, great photos Mandy! :)

The Morginskys said...

happy birthday sweet boy! cant believe he is ONE! wow, it is really flying isnt it? wish i could hug your neck and kiss his face. lets do that soon ok? miss you. xoxox

The Morginskys said...

happy birthday big boy!!! i cant believe its been a year! time really is flying by isnt it? wish i could hug and kiss you and kiss his adorable cheeks! lets do that soon, ok?
miss you. xoxox