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Monday, April 18, 2011

A lot can happen in two minutes...

Two dear friends of mine had babies today! They were delivered at the same hospital, AND to make it even cooler, my other friend was their nurse! i wanted so desperately to talk on the phone to my friend (the nurse) and hear all the stories she encountered today. I wanted to talk in peace. I wanted no interruptions for just TWO MINUTES PLEASE! AS i called my friend, Amos entered the bathroom. i followed him to make sure the toilet seat was shut. In comes Bennett asking me guestions, crying, and making demands that i must fill promptly or his little world will come to a crying end. I begin talking.....walking out of the bathroom...ignoring the tugging on my pant legs from the 1 year old and the incessant questioning from the 3 year old. I ignore it and press in to listen to my friend. I ignore it and press into the conversation..ignore the noise, ignore the noise, ignore the noise...until finally there was no noise. ahhh silence... finally sweet silence. i am free now to listen.

until second thought! SILENCE!!?????

Silence is always the loudest noise to a mama's heart when her children were just playing loudly. It's an alarm that wakens and shakes us to the core. Instinctually driving us to RUN to the source of the silence to see WHY!? WHY!? is there silence amidst two little boys that are awake???? i run to the scene crime and find ?????????

an innocent toilet paper party. i take a deep breath. i laugh. i get frustrated...i laugh again..i take a picture

I let them enjoy their party while i enjoy my conversation .....in peace.


Kellie Lutito said...

Unbelievable!!! I'm laughing, but I know it was not fun to clean up. Sorry, but its just kind of funny. :)

katie davis said...

silence in our house usually means poop in the pants...=)

katie davis said...

which, might i add, is also not fun to clean up.

Joanne said...

Mandy...I love the way you tell a story.