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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama's Day Weekend

Ten Lovely and Not-So-Lovely things

1. Kevin and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary at The Melting Pot. ( A yummy restaurant) with much wine.
2. A stomach bug visits our house. or was it the wine? Just kidding. We are sure it was the dreaded stomach bug that is notoriously making it's way around Bennett's school. The war began fast and our opponent was strong. Much stronger than expected. Kevin was out for the count for a few days; and it caused the MOTHERSHIP TO.. GO...DOWN....HARD!!!! CRASH. Battles were lost along the way (and the food from our Melting Pot celebration)...but when it was all said and done...WE WON!!! Que music from Queen .....da da da dum..."WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND......dum doo doo...WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END!"
3. Red Ripe Strawberries come up in the garden helping me enjoy re-entry to the land of the living, breathing and eating. Bennett took great joy in eating them too. With sugar on top please.
4. Amos says "ankoh" for "thankyou" and i want to eat him up!! With sugar on top please.
5. I make Pesto from parsley in the garden. YUM. ( olive oil, cashews, salt, pepper, tad of water, parsley..all mixed)
6. I regret making Pesto from the garden...too much flavor too soon after the stomach bug.
7. The kids help me wash the car......at 9 am this morning. Sometimes the mornings get so long. We needed something new to do. i needed a clean car. Amos needed to aggressively splash something. Bennett needed to hose off everything in his vicinity like a soldier that finally gets the chance to use his machine gun and destroy the enemies around him.
8. Bennett played Drums to Classical music while kevin made cinnamon rolls.....which was a hillarious beginning to Mother's Day.
9. The House is so messy. My "vomit- time" off of work..is now catching up with me.
10. Kevin bought me a lovely Butterfly Bush...that will grow large with time and attract lots of lovely flying color. It will be dark blue..and remind me of this weekend..... i'm going outside now to plant it. SO EXCITED!!!


mallory said...

sounds like a perfect weekend...minus the stomach bug..ahem..(wine)!
Beautiful picture of you and Kevin! happy anniversary. That was such a fun beautiful wedding!

kierstin said...

Missed seeing you on Sunday. peeked around church for you but didn't spot you and feared one or both boys might be sick and keeping you home. so sorry YOU had the bug. no fun. :( Happy belated Anniversary and Mother's Day to you my friend! :) Hope to be seeing you soon. xo