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Sunday, February 12, 2012

11 things about me ( and you?)

Ok, my friends, here is a game for you ( if you're so inclined). My children have just settled down for a long winters nap ( God willing)...and i am all nestled in sweater and cap ...ready to blog baby! Amanda Williams, my lovely friend, tagged me in this "11 things about me and (you?)" blog game. She asked her blogger friends these 11 questions, and then I am supposed to tag 11 others with new questions. I'm afraid i only have 11 people who read this blog so "TAG, YOU'RE IT" ( if you want to be) ......here we go.....

11 things about me ( Asked by Amanda Williams...good ones Amanda)

1. Did you have a nickname as a child? What was it?
i had two:
a. "AC" ....my initials for my first and middle name. Amanda Christine. i loved when my mom would call me this.
b. "Bertha" and i would call my best friend "Gertrude".......( us silly kids)
2. "What movie can you quote best"
Anchor Man........" Oh Baxter, you are my little gentleman"
3. What was your favorite past time in middle school?
hmmmmmm. teasing and spraying my 80's hairdo, singing 80's songs.....maybe a little break dancing
4. what did you want to be in high school when you grew up?
a singer (and if they could see me now....ha ha.....)
5. Are you afraid of heights?
not really....
6. What was the highlight of your week?
When the stomach bug LEFT our house. GOOD-RIDDANCE! ( and by the way..i looked up how to spell the word "riddance" and this is correct! Who knew? maybe you did know. I am an English major that spells remarkably horrible.
7.what is your favorite city?
Nash-vegas baby!. i love how this city feels like a small town and a city at the same time. i do miss water so much that i may have answered a beach city if i knew of one.
8.What's the best concert you've ever been to?
oh! i love music and there have been so many good ones. But the one that stands out is the the solo performance by imogen heap. My mouth never shut the whole time...she must have thought i was singing along...but i was in utter shock that she could do all that by herself ( GO GIRL)...and write all those counter melodies..etc. etc....simply brilliant...dont get me started...
9. If i gave you the day off, what would you do?
Today i will answer, : "sit in silence by the ocean water. Maybe with a good book in tote."
10. In your opinion, what is the best song to roller skate to?
"Pour some sugar on me" by Def leppard
11. What are you doing after this?
getting lunch ready for Kevin as he comes home from work. ( re-heating chipoltle leftovers) Whoot Whoot.


1. The second home you'd prefer; Beach house , lake house, or tree house?
2. If you could be an Olympic Athlete tomorrow ( no training required..it came naturally), which sport would you pick?
3. If you had $100,000 to spend in one store...which store would you pick?
4. Back scratch preferred or foot massage?
5. Which song is out there that you wish you had written?
6. What are you planning to make/or do for dinner tonight?
7. What ONE word best describes the season your heart is in?
8. What is the type of flower you'd prefer to get for Valentine's Day?
9. Who was your elementary school crush?
10. If given the gift of "sleeping in" or "laundry being done" for an entire year...which one would you pick?
11. What is one event you are looking forward to this spring?


amanda said...

Yay! I'm so glad you did this! I know it's kinda silly, but I love finding out random things about my friends... AND random things I have in common with my friends. Such as: ANCHORMAN. Love of the name Gertrude (my grandmother's name was Etta Gertrude. She went by Trudy.:) Love of the small-townedness (??) of Nashville. And obvious love of rollerskating, as demonstrated by the selection of an AWE.SOME. rollerskating song.

Well done, friend. Well done.


Ariana said...

I'm sure more than 11 read your blog, but I'm game! Just give me a chance to get over this cold (on top of everything else...sigh) and I'll play too. Love the fun things about you!