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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Asthma, You Sucketh!

This blog shall be called, "Oh Asthma, You sucketh" because Asthma sucks, esp. when it constricts the airways of innocent 4 year old children. Esp. adorable blond haired children named Bennett!

The pollen is falling so thick..it settles on the ground like a blanket. This yellow dusting turns cars yellow and makes Bennett cough uncontrollably with his asthma. 2 nights ago he threw up 6 times coughing so hard. His stomach is sore from coughing. His voice is gone. The teachers send him home from school early so the other kids can rest. Breathing treatments, apologies in public for the horse coughing going on, "it's not contagious" i say. and not to mention neighbors accuse mama's of not being good mama's.

I was walking with a friend on the last cold day we've had. Bennett was coughing incessantly in the stroller when a neighbor yelled out to us.

" i oughta beat you walking with a sick child in this weather" ( something like that)

At that moment i had a lot of thoughts rolling round' my head and almost spilling out my mouth like:

"I'll show you what a beating feels like neighbor lady!"........etc.etc.

Those thoughts yelled until they lost their voices and fell silent in my heart. My thoughts turned inward:

"i'm sad", "i don't know how to fix this"....." i want to fix this for you Bennett!."

Today we went to the doctor and came up with a NEW plan of action. Steroids with breathing treatments.i am NOT a fan of anything un-natural being put in our bodies. But i know desperate times call for desperate measures. God give me wisdom when i am turing to the wrong thing? I just don't know. I do know Bennett can't breath too well. Now, thanks to steroids...he is running around the house like a crazy man . ..speaking VERY RAPIDLY about EVERYTHING!!! God, I will need patience!.....Bennett will need patience as he is asked to do impossible things...like SLOW DOWN when given STEROIDs....oh boy!......i'm not sure about this at ALL. my mother instinct hairs are all standing on end....( any suggestions people? i have heard of giving him local honey to help allergies)

oh, Asthma...You sucketh!


The Morginskys said...

talk to sarah braud, atticus has bad asthma and they tried different stuff for years. they took him off all dairy and he was able to stop the steroids! shoot her an email, she'll have a better explanation i'm sure. soooo sorry!!!! you could move to denver! no pollen here!

Thesupermanns said...

Thanks so much Sharon...any help is greatly welcome. i will talk to your sis about Atticus

amy griffith said...

mandy--i dont have any suggestions, but both of my kids have been on breathing treatments and oral steroids NUMEROUS times (isaac went through a monthly phase for about 6 months during the 1-2 year stage). anyway--i just always thank the Lord that i live in a place with great medical care and there are options to open his lungs so he doesn't gasp. as a nurse, im a fan of modern medicine :) but, as a mother, i understand the hesitancy! keep asking your Father, He will tell you whats best for the child He created in His image! xoxo

Stephie said...

I'm so sorry about the pushy neighbors. In addition to the raw honey idea, you could look into local raw milk & milk products and lacto-fermented foods/beverages in place of pasteurized dairy. I've been reading a lot about the difference between traditional foods and food preparation and current day food/food prep (started with Nourishing Traditions/Sally Fallon and The Weston Price Foundation) and it's amazing how much food and food preparation has changed. Elimination of all sugar (subbing in local raw honey in its place) might also be a help. It can be so tough to forage - especially right in the middle of decision making - but it might be worth researching. My personal testimony has more to do with allergies than asthma, but they might be related. Let me know if you want to talk about it more!

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