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Sunday, April 8, 2012


The boys are growing so fast!!! Amos and Bennett are finally becoming playmates. i asked Bennett why he doesn't want to "put Amos back" anymore; (which he always asks me .....as if i could put him back in my belly), to which Bennett replies " i like Amos now because he doesn't knock my toys down".

Amos still thinks Bennett hangs the moon. He laughs an entirely different laugh with Bennett. It's belly deep and full. It's All out- gaze focused on Bennett .....all adoration. This new tolerance from Bennett makes Amos a new boy. He seems bigger now. Aspiring towards a 4 year old...yet becoming uniquely Amos.

Conversing and scheming together, they explore life. All the little things and big things seem equal adventures. Our back yard has become a wonderland of beetles, worms, rolly pollys, and caterpillars that get put into jars to become butterflies. ( if they survive the adoring fingers that hold and squeeze them.)

They are joining forces...for good and bad. The Star Wars theme song is being sung all day around here. Morning to night....and the time in between. Amos sings to perfect strangers and can hold a tune quite well. The strangers ask " is that the Star Wars theme?". Bennett senses the attention being stolen and chimes right in. Pretty soon my boys are serenading Kroger customers. They are becoming a team... ganging up on mama's cooking, tag team wrestling daddy, running naked from the shower with squeels of pure joy

When they fight...they fight hard. In one second the love turns to hate! The conversations turn to yells. The fists start punching or the hands start slapping . Just like that, they turn on each other. Until they find a common ground. The common ground is usually "time out." Funny how discipline can unite....

They have become room mates, and it's working out better than expected. They each want to go to bed with the other. Bennett has not climbed into our bed with nightmares even once since the change. They have each other. The only draw back is that when one wakes.....they wake the other. EARLY!!!

Oh my boys....you are discovering that you are also "brothers". We love you so much. we are so blessed to have you around and i am so glad you have each other.

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Lora said...

i can't believe how big your boys have gotten! wow. time flies! they are just adorable. :)