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Thursday, July 5, 2012

When sleeping

Grace feels heavy and white like a blanket.....now. You sleep. Almost 5 years old and you never  rest ..never stop. You rise with the sun and play strong as the summer heat....intense and constant as the light...you remain steady till the sun goes down. My little beat box, Star Wars jedi...Wolverine ...fighter. My noodle eating machine, blond haired skinny child...growing taller with each day. Exploring wonder upon wonder, with gray-blue eyes telling deep watered stories.  You have a world to explore and you wont stop till you conquer. You have battles to fight and questions to ask. You have negotiating to do with brother, mother and papa. You wouldn't stop, never dare miss the wonder of the day unless you had to. Today, you had to. You were so tired. Your brother was tired. Your mama was tired. The stars aligned,  The Lord spoke peace and the house grew quiet. You gave up your complaints about "not being tired", and fell deep into the sea of white pillows and blankets.....and slept. I think my heart skipped a beat more in love when i saw the sleeping child. It all makes sense for a moment.....after i catch my breath and hear my thoughts return..reminding me of how much i love them both. I  brace myself now for the waking. Sleep well, my Bennett boy.

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Kellie Lutito said...

LOVE this. Sweet words mama :)