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Saturday, September 8, 2012

My boy turns 5

You asked me for a "pirate party" for your 5th birthday. You wanted it down the street where the playground could become your "pirate ship". You chose a small crew of boys that could 'walk the plank,  sword fight and celebrate with you.

the chosen crew:
 Ellis, Dylan, Eli, Monroe, Hudson, Rhodes, Witt and your little brother Amos came by default. :)

It's been a full week of celebrating...first in Georgia with grandparents and cousins...
then at home with us....and lastly the PARRRRTY! argghh.

The rain rolled in before the cold... just like 5 years ago when you came into this world. The hot weather pushed aside by cool announcing a new day was here.

The rain pushed the party inside the Mannsion ( our humble home) and by 10 am , 10 boys filled these rooms with caos, laughter and sword fighting.  It's been a fun time celebrating you. You are worth all the celebrating.  Dont you forget it! You are a gift, my lovely Pirate Bennett boy.


The skeleton pinata


Lora said...

so adorable!!

Ariana said...

Clever mama. You amaze me!

The Morginskys said...

love and miss yall! your boys are growing up so handsome!!!! xoxox