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Monday, October 1, 2012

All he wants for Christmas

Can anyone guess what Amos wants for Christmas? He fell at school Thursday and knocked them out. He was ok, but it pointed to a larger issue ....he falls a lot! He broke his wrist from falling a few months ago. He has almost needed stitches on his head countless times. We counted him falling 7 times while running around at a restaurant last night. Some say he will grow out of it, but we will press in at the Doctor to see if its an inner ear issue or something.  Boo Hoo. I wont lie, it's been hard to see his smile lacking those sweet pearly whites. It's hard to think of all the pictures in the next 4-5 years, all the laughs and smiles... being toothless. My sweet toothless "Aimes". We will walk/ fall down this road together and try to fix this.

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Ariana said...

Little guy! I'm so sorry Mandy!