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Saturday, October 20, 2012

New beginnings..

The boys are in their room for the night giggling and making mischief of one kind or another (i stole that line from the book Where the Wild Things Are). Silly comments are being slung back and forth, giggles exchanged,  and small toys are being thrown. It's hard to go in there and stop the brother bonding.....so i won't. i'm gonna keep blogging for now. Clean tomorrow...

 It was my grandma's 90th birthday on October 8th. We celebrated in Georgia with my family. What a beautiful person she is....the youngest 90 year old i know. Still dancing. Still loving others so well. So smart and unique. She is lovely. I saw a picture of her when she was younger displayed in her house .....i think it was taken when she waited on Grandpa to return to her from the war.. I thought to myself "She is so SO beautiful". I couldn't take my eyes off the picture. Just like grandpa could never take his eyes off her. She was a catch...She is a catch.  In so many ways, with so many years under her belt..she is a gift. She gives to others and will till she cant anymore.  she is OUR grandma. We are proud, and We love her.

Here's to her new beginning...her 90th year of life. May God bless it with health and happiness and more revelations that He loves her even more than we do.

2.  It was my birthday on the 16th. It's Kevin's birthday on the 21st. Tomorrow.

My birthday weekend ended and Kevin's began, literally, with a concussion.

Last night we went ice skating to celebrate our birthdays.We laughed and pretending we were teenagers again. Kevin kept attempting crazy moves too hard for him, and I kept laughing and telling him not too. All was fun and games until  i  looked back and literally saw him in the air. He fell sideways and hit his head, but i didn't think he hit badly. I laughed and asked him what he was doing? i always laugh at falls these days as if to calm myself into thinking it's just another little fall like the rest of them. I do this with my boys all the time. I barely flinch a muscle.  This life seems like a series of too many near misses. Kevin's response let me know he was hurt.  He was confused and his face was white as the ice.  He had blacked out briefly and didn't know what happened. He was coherent enough to get up and skate off the ice with me, but i was bracing myself to be strong and take him to the hospital across the street. The bruise on his head looked concave, and i was getting sick thinking about him being hurt. In just a moment my world could have ended. But, PRAISE THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN WHOSE WAYS ARENT MINE, AND MINE ARENT HIS...........Kevin started to make sense again. His concussion seemed mild.....and i did the series of concussion tests that let us know he was ok.... we skipped the hospital and came home. A near miss.

PRAISE GOD HE IS OK!!! PRAISE GOD  that he will have a 36th new beginning tomorrow.

3. Today was Bennett's last day of soccer. He made his first goal of the whole season. YAHOO!
He just never got into it...He never wanted to get the ball or kick it really. He was more of a spectator....(of the sidelines) He always said "his legs hurt" and whenever  we asked if he had fun at a game he always said "no". Maybe he's too young. Maybe it's his asthma. Maybe he just doesnt like soccer.. It's ok.  He sure looked cute out there, and we were proud of him staying through the season.

We will try Baseball in the spring. Here's to new beginnings........

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Ariana said...

OK 1. Happy birthday. I want to celebrate with you!
2. I'm so glad Kevin is OK. My heart would have flipped around in my chest with what you are describing. Praise God!
3. Bennett is the cutest soccer mini ever. Cuter than all those other minis on his team!