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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Warm sights for Winter Eyes

Friends were in town visiting this weekend, and we took them to Opryland Hotel where the GIANT greenhouses are full of flowers, waterfalls and green live things that make you happy and excited for Spring to come again. 

Bathroom break at Opryland Hotel

Nikki and Karen

This Ivy comes to life.
They hire this girl to dress up like Ivy and walk around the 
hotel conforming to plants and buildings and such.

Ivy Woman Walking

Intricate Orchid

ahhhh. Orange flower

Lavendar Orchid

Big, Beautiful Green leaves


the Warren's said...

so fun...the girls look sweet. i love the bib hanging over the bjorn. you're one ready little mama!!!

Annie said...

Was Michelle dressed like a plant and playing piano? :) I still haven't seen Opryland yet- next time?

the Trontels said...

girl, you are the best host ever!!! looks like you all had fun :)