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Sunday, March 2, 2008

10 random things about me

Ok...so Sharliss blog tagged me.....( forever ago...and i am so late in participating) but here goes nothing....and i mean NOTHING. I dont feel as interesting as her. 

1.  I secretly want to open a  free farm/hospital kinda thing..for people with eating disorders. This farm would be in a BEAUTIFUL location..like Ireland or something.. have streams and fields of flowers and gardens. The idea is to get away from media and fast food and learn again God's design for food. To nourish us. The patients would plant seeds...see them grow, tend and eat healthy things, and also get to exercise. A place where the patients could ride horses,swim, play,& dream again so as to inspire them to want to get better....also would provide spiritual mentoring...so the true healing inside can occur.

2. My favorite parts of the day lately are naps with my newborn nose to nose. I love hearing his little breathing pattern, and the fact that he will rest so close to me. 

3.  I used to write Tom Petty notes in the mail begging him to let me be his background singer.

4.  I burnt off my mustache ( yes, i kinda have one) with nair for legs on accident and had a scab on my face for weeks.

5.   I've had a Blue whale the size of an airplane go under a boat i was in...and flip its tail after it went under. ( thanks to Vanessa and Mark..that was awesome!!!)

6.  Kevin is sitting next to me and wont help me....wait he will....he says i have a webbed toe. It's true...but only half way webbed if that makes sense.

7.  I hate scary movies.......i hate 'em  yuck i hate 'em.

8.  Like Sharliss, I cant spell well and hate that about myself. I was an English major in cowledge.  ( i spelled that last thing wrong on purpose.hee hee)

9.  I love to laugh and want to make people....i like to be around funny people. 

10.  I tag....Vanessa, Kelli, Annie, Justin (you guys dont have to do it if you dont want)..........im not sure anyone else reads this blog who hasnt already been tagged...or isnt my family and they dont have blogs.....hmmmmmmmm


the Trontels said...

i love your heart. your answer to number one was the best ever and it just reminds me how blessed i am to call you friend...and band mate (yippee!).

the Warren's said...

I am laughing SO hard about the mustache!!!! Oh my gosh. You are hilarious. That's what I love about you...you bring me to tears always. It's SO much fun laughing with you!!

Thesupermanns said...

I am laughing at my comment on #9. I meant to say i like to make people LAUGH. but i do enjoy making people too....with my husband. Esp. people named Bennett.

Boggsy said...

You are really funny and you make me laugh every time I am around you! I was blog tagged awhile ago (I assume you mean me unless there is another Justin in your life!?!). You can check it out if you want. It's not as funny as yours.

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Way to go girl. I see "our" Annie will be here this summer. Lets please plan a day out with the girls including Kaye and then make it a monthly event. I just know she will need lots and lots of people to hang out with up here and believe me, Kaye and I would love to be apart of this circle of "sisterhood". Love ya, the list is awesome.

Writeaway said...

Love the Nair burn story - who hasn't done that? HA!

小小彬 said...