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Monday, April 7, 2008

God's Amazing Creations

I'm drinking coffee and eating fresh strawberries, thanking God for this weekend..It was filled with loving family;  trip to the Zoo with The Mann's and a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium with my family and Aunt in town from Denver. My heart felt like it was smiling looking at all God's unique creations. Today is Bennett's 7th month birthday and i am most thankful for his creation.....

If you could name one of these penguins..what would you name it? I would name one "Pendleton" 

 A Penguin, Dad, Bennett, Mom and Aunt Pat

Grandpa and Bennett ride the Seahorses

If i were a mermaid, i would ride this seahorse. (It looks like seaweed)

Looks may be deceiving...they are beautiful but STING 

Grandma Ihrig making Bennett laugh

Leopard spotted Sting Ray

Poison Arrow Dart Frog ( the brilliant colors keep animals from eating them....)

Monkey-ing around at the Nashville Zoo

Funny Wart hog....though i didn't see any warts of hogs on it

Mrs. Mann said this camel had the haircut of one of the  Beatles ( the band, not the bug)

ahhhh the Red Panda is so cute

It was sad to see this creature, a White Bengal tiger, captivated..it kept pacing back and forth...wanting out

Like Father, like son ( as far as the shirts go)

 Mr. and Mrs. Mann with Bennett


Grogal said...

See Please Here

mark, vanessa & baby noah said...

What a fun trip!!

Ok, so I would name my penguin Sebastian...or...Rupert. Hmm, I can't decide.

Thesupermanns said...

I like Rupert...too funny.

Reed & Kelli said...

what FUN pictures!!!!

happy 7 months baby Bennett :) he's getting SO BIG!!

Hmmm....I would name a pet penguin- Leslie. hahahahhaha! that made me laugh. Yes- leslie.

love you girlie.