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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tag Team

Kevin and i are quite the tag team....he gets home from work, then i hand him our precious bundle Bennett and head off to work during the week. The nights i do have off..he has a worship meeting or something. I miss my time with Kevin. I miss our family. I miss having the computer for more than 1 hour a day...i cant blog much......or check email. Im gonna save up for a computer of my own....he has to take this right now ot work......adios......


Reed & Kelli said...

oh girl....thats tough.

when I had two days off between jobs....I was at home while Reed took the computer to Panera (his office!) and I was like....WHAT? I CANT NOT HAVE A COMPUTER DURING THE DAY!!! Well...some people actually function without it..like you do- and that would be hard for me...so I hear you on that. Im actually thinking I need to give some of my computer time up for a while. For some people its food or tv, but for me its the mindless surfing on the internet.

This season has been trying for us all....trying to get our careers and future in line. Especially for you trying to juggle baby Bennett. God is definitely in these details...hold tight to that. I love you!!!

Vanessa said...

Girl, I totally hear you on work & missing family. That's tough for sure. We're praying God opens the floodgates and brings a great amount of business Kevin's way!

Was great talking today...love you so much and am really honestly thankful to walk this journey of motherhood alongside you!

P.s. We LOVE that little Superman pic...made us laugh. SO cute!!