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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love keeps growing

Bennett keeps growing and so does our love for him. Its wierd. Its going by fast.....last night he pulled himself up to a standing position. Here we go......

To give a Blanky or Not to give? that is the question. We heard it creates a monster to get them attached to a blanky....but we couldnt help it. Here he is sleeping with his sheep blanky. We are calling the sheep Sherman. 

The days of playing guitar  in peace are over.

I read in an article that "girls make sense and boys make nonsense". It was coming from a mother of five boys praising their humor and sense of adventure. The article made my heart happy. I then turned to our bedroom to see remnants of my boys....Kevin making the bed all messy....and Bennett having crawled to our candles in the fireplace and knocking them all down.

I came home from work last night and as i walked up to our door, i heard baby giggles and dog barks. It made my heart happy. Kevin was running Bennett around chasing Zeal. Kevin is so good with Bennett..excellent with Bennett.


Reed & Kelli said...

what a sweet post...i LOVE it!

the picture of the "boys in the room" made me smile SO hard- it hurt. Reed makes the bed in a messy way too...and this picture will remind me to smile at just that...rather than be mad about it. Thanks for sharing this!

Bennett is getting SO big...and SO cute. Love you guys.


mark, vanessa & baby noah said...

Look at your sweet little man! He's all over the place & I love it. What a FUN time you guys are having. I can't wait till Noah's a little bigger to knock over my candles. Mark already does that to the bed, so we're good there. Aww...love you and want to see you again soon. I'll email you!
Love you!!

olivia and henry said...

aww!!! he is SO CUTE! love hearing (and seeing :) what he is up to! y'all are such a PRECIOUS family!!!!

Honeycutt Family said...

Grace LOVES her blankie! I figure she might take it with her to college, but at least I don't have to break her of sucking her thumb or a "binky" habit. :)
Cute pics!