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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bennett helps me Blog

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Bennett and i are watching Good Morning America. He wanted to help me type this blog, as you can see above. Our lives seem so small today. The Cyclone  has taken 78, 000 people so far and in China the earthquake has taken many more.. Complaining today seems vain in the light of all of this.  I want to fly there and  hug the hurting...go and open my eyes.... hear memories, and how they loved their lost ones deeply like i love Bennett and my family. As the rain falls today...I want to remember to pray today for them....Beg GOD to be close to the broken hearted...for His Spirit to visit them like the wind, and come inside giving peace that transcends. 


mark, vanessa & baby noah said...

I love your compassionate heart.
And I love Bennett's blog, too. Ha!
I got your email, I'm going to call you...like now! :)

elaine davis said...

mandy. you are great and beautiful and your heart is so encouraging!

Jonathan said...

amy sedgwick griffith here:

mandy, i've ALWAYS LOVED the purity of your heart!

its been fun watching bennett grow up!