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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Morning Dances

The little alarm clock wakes me slowly
I hear the ba ba ba ba...
 ma ma ma... da dee deee
he wakes me slow and sweet. 
I rush in to see him standing
smile from ear to ear...
Giggles and excitement all for me
to scoop him up and dance and sing.
Every morning we do this dance, 
cheek to cheek..i sing. For a moment before the world
wakes up....my boy and I dance.


Reed & Kelli said...

oh i love these pictures of (not so baby anymore) bennett!!!

i love how creative you are with words. i love you dearly my friend!

it was great to see your face over the weekend. im really excited about the ways God is swinging doors open for you. please keep me posted.

i love you all!!

Reed & Kelli said...

oh....Heather had her baby!! 12 hours after you saw her. It was quick and easy for her- of course!

she named her Hadley Mattson Marvin.

Jonathan said...

amy here:

he looks like kevin, do people tell you that?

love following your life here!!!

mark, vanessa & baby noah said...

Bennett is just PRECIOUS! Those pictures are so great. I just love him...he's so sweet like his momma. Noah loves hanging out with him. The stroller drag race in the mall was the highlight of his time w/ B. Haha!! :)

Boggsy said...

I love keeping up with you guys via this blog thingy. I hope to see you all very soon!!