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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello August

My parents were in town this weekend. We had fun....ate yummy meals, watched movies, explored parks... dad and i took pictures like the one above, mom taught me how to sew and hemmed pants, and we all entertained Bennett or really he entertained us. 

Grandma and Grandpa played with Bennett Sunday while Kevin and i went on the road with Caedmon's Call for the day. Bennett loves them.

The bus pulled up to a festival of rides, food, games, music, fried alligator on a stick...and perhaps the highlight of the trip was the chimpanzee that hugged and smiled on you for twenty bucks; which Cliff paid for the Osenga family to get as an anniversary gift. Sadly i dont have a photo to show.

Just a disclaimer that Caedmon's didnt have anything to do with the fact that there was a "God Mobile" next to our stage...( which said "CHRISTIAN music stage" really big above it). Something about this scene made my stomach want to vomit the funnel cake i had eaten onto the ground. I guess GOD can work through anything....but i hate to think Christians feel the need to advertise Jesus in flamboyant ways....as if hype and portable stands draw people instead of God's Spirit. Anyway cant put it into words..... Nevertheless...it was a fun festival and show.

 Todd sticking his tongue out at Kevin

The band did a great show.....

Three part harmony...Andy, Cliff and me filling in for Danielle ( everyone misses her when she cant be there....esp. fans that skip me in the autograph signing line and quietly ask the next person "where's Danielle?"  but "i can hear them". Kevin and i had a blessed weekend.


elaine davis said...

That's awesome Mandy. Let us know y'all do something like that relatively close to Bham. We'd love to catch up with you and hear your sweet voice!

Reed&Kelli said...

You crack me up!!! The fans where asking where Danielle was so they could actually get your autograph with offending her.!? I know you were loved.....your talent is heavenly!!!

Ok, love love love the jelly shoes....I bought those from Target last month!!! Blast from the past :)

I'm so glad your parents were in town to love on you guys....that is so awesome! Love the pictures girl!


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

i sooo have been waiting for this post! that mobile...how depressing is that?!?! the monkey hug...i so wish you would have gotten one.
i'm happy you got to go out on the road. i bet maybe only one person skipped you and you felt like it was everyone. people love you...i KNOW it!
i think the sunflower picture is great. i'm telling you...you need to start taking more pictures!!
love you and can't wait to see you!!!!

carolineb said...

Katie B rented a funnel cake fryer for Camp this year. The carnival she had planned got rained out so we set that puppy up in the FFAFHA staff laundry room and I fried some up for the gang. Just imagine the scene, the rented magician mesmerizing the few gathered, including Matt Anderson, sitting on the laundry room floor with lightning flashing all around while the funnel cake oil heated up to like 745 degrees on top of the dryer.

We are in Key Largo for one more week. And I want to "Amen" your nausea at putting what is holy in neon. Or on the ass end of your car where you are like NEVER likely to impact people for good.

Ali O said...

we have the $20 pic of the fam with KENZY on our fridge. it makes me laugh every time i look at it!!!