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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Bennett had two wonderful birthday Pool Parties..one in macon with the Mann's and one in Marietta with my side of the family.....we were blessed to share this day with family. It all runs together in my head as a wonderful memory...hence, the display of photos in no order.


Don Don

Shannon, Aunt Kelly and Bennett. Shannon, Bennett's cousin, has the exact same birthday...one year ealier..she turned two! It was both their party. 

Grandma and Grandpa Ihrig
Aunt Amy

My sister, Mason, Ashlyn, Bennett and Mom resting after swimming

The Mann Clan

The Great One Year Right of Passage....eating much Cake

The Birthday Cakes: Mrs. Mann decorated one and my mom let my niece and nephew decorate the other ones....both made with so much love and so yummy.

THE THEME: The Backyardigans...( its a cartoon..that Shannon loves)

Bennett getting into Shannon's presents...but dont be sad for him he had tons for himself....
I want to start a tradition where he gives a gift to the needy each birthday to understand the gift of giving and that its not all about him. I need to learn that its not all about him too....im in love with this stinker.


Reed and Kelli said...

....HapPy BiRThdAy BENNETT!!!

note to mom:
I CAN NOT believe that baby Bennett is ONE already! He is such a bundle of sweetness.....I think I need to get my Bennett fix here real soon. His little chunky legs in that ONEsie is way too cute- :pinch pinch:

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

Awesome pictures, girl! Love that onesie, too. I'm SO glad y'all had a great time. I love seeing you with your family...everyone is beaming with smiles! We can't wait to celebrate little Bennett!!

Sharon Morginsky said...

happy birthday sweet little man!!! mandy, what if bennett and maggie get married and can celebrate together on that same day....and pehaps get married on that day!!! i'm going a bit far here...