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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hodgepodge of Happenings

Its taken me two hours to do this blog. I place Bennett far away in another room so i have time to type a few lines before he walks to me with messy fingers reaching for the computer keys....
Time has become precious.

1. Kevin has joined the Village Real Estate team. He will be working more, and i will be leaving my job at Marche in October.  This is a leap of faith as we're not sure where money will come from.....but we know GOD has always provided so we arent scared. Village brought employees and spouses on the General Jackson boat. Being on the river at night with the city passing by was beautiful.
2. Caedmon's call has asked Kevin and i on a few shows the past few weekends. Kevin was road managing and i sang BGV's for Danielle. Danielle is a mother of four and i now know how hard it is to get away......the shows have been fun and funny....random adventures with friends. unfortunately ive left my camera and not been able to capture the funny moments.It's always a blessing to be with Kevin and around that crew be able to sing. Mr. Bennett gets to come sometimes...thats fun for him to be around music.
3. Bennett attended his first wedding recently wearing a tie made by his father. So precious to see Kevin dressing Bennett. 

the little one comes....and i must be done with this hodgepodge of happenings blog

family fotow

Caedmon's Call and three random people...(including me)

Bennett's first tie

Our date on the General Jackson ( the Nashville City is behind us)


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

love the hodge podge.
miss you...will call you today!
love the date night pic...woohoo!
bennett in his homemade tie looks super-duper handsome, kevin! ;)

Reed and Kelli said...

Aww, i love the supermann updates!!!

Im soo glad that youve been able to be out on the road...and better yet, with your family!! You must take your camera next time :)

I cant believe how BIG Bennett is now...he is getting more and more handsome with each passing blog post! Watch out....he'll definitely be a little heart breaker. His baby blues are amazing!

You will be blessed for taking a step of FAITH. God has something BIG in store for you guys....and I love watching Him move in your life.


The Morginskys said...

wow.benett looks super old already!!! happy early first birthday!!!! what an early walker!!! miss you guys-

jeremy@jeremycasella.com said...

LOVE the photo of Bennett in the tie holding the bottle brush. he looks like such a little man. we are seriously overdue with a date/playdate with you guys. please let's plan one! miss you!

kierstin said...

hmm, my sneaky laptop-stealing husband was signed in on my computer. that last comment was from me...though i'm sure Jeremy would love to see you guys too!

AtlantaMama said...

oh my goodnes... Can I just say that I love the Supermann Baby picture and the tie picture!! SO CUTE!!! We miss seeing yall.