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Monday, October 20, 2008

Celebrating my MANN

Happy Birthday to my Mann of many faces.....i love all of them and all of you!!!

The Joker.....

The Friend

The Athlete

The  Father

My Husband

Son and Brotha

The H0t Rocker

October 21st.....32 years ago......a little Kevin Steve Mann was born into this world. And the world was a better place. He has blessed so many lives over the years simply by being himself. I am constantly humbled and honored that i get to walk this journey as his wife. He is the best man i know....  HappyHappyHappy Birthday Kevin Mann....you are loved! May the GOD whose Name you've known, the GOD who loves all your faces even more than I do....give you the best year ahead...I LOVE YOU!!!! 


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kevin!! YOU are one blessed MANN to have such an amazing lady in your life. You both are loved by the Warren's. :) We can't wait to celebrate!!

Reed and Kelli said...

STOP....im crying....this post is amazing!!!

Happy Birthday Kevin! You are an amazing MANN and we love you and your family dearly! We are believing for a powerful year for you....in work, relationships, finances, music....in all things!

Enjoy your day......xo

The Musician said...

Yay! Happy Kevin day! What a blessing and what a sweet celebration of him.

steve and randel hambrick said...

so great! love the pics-- especially the one with MY man on it :)