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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today was so official

1. Its official: Today was the LAST day in the studio
ahhhh! My friend Matthew Perryman Jones, who wrote a song for the EP, sang some BGV's and i left happy and thankful...until the blue lights and siren pulled me over

2. Its official: I got a TICKET for speeding which sucked so bad i cried tears and the police officer said
"its not so bad"
to which i wanted to reply..."oh yeah, well, if its 'not so bad' then why dont you just NOT GIVE ME THE $100 ticket?

3. Its official: i was a good citizen and voted and drove extra careful when i did.

4. Its official" Kevin and i have registered vehicles now. we did it ONLINE. Luv it.

5. Its official: Kevin and i got Bennett the cutest little Halloween costume EVER...Grrrrrrr ( hint hint hint)

6. Its Official: Kevin and i finished our Last Will and Testiment ON LINE.... (computers are awesome) Now im just a little superstitious that one of us will die...but anyway...
i know GOD wont take us till He's ready...and i dont feel ready for a long time...ok GOD????

7. Its official: im finished with this blog......cause WILCO is on T.V and i like them....and wanna watch.


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

Well, here's my take:

It's official...We are SO excited to hear this new EP. Like SO SO SO.

It's official...getting a ticket sucks.

It's official...I haven't voted & won't be. Something about Mark not getting the paperwork figured out for me.

It's official...registering online for anything is pretty awesome.

It's official...Noah won't be in a costume this year. I've got too much going on & neglected the outfit. He doesn't know. Next year. I commit...next year. Maybe he'll go as Noah.

It's official...we don't have a will but I actually have been thinking of doing one as of late. Thanks for the reminder!

And...it's official...we better see you soon or we're going to LOSE IT! Love you guys!! :)

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

p.s. Mark & I think the "it's not so bad" comment is really funny.

The Morginskys said...

cant wait to hear it!!! and ps. where did you do the online will? do you think its legit?

The Musician said...

So glad that the album is all done! Wish I coulda come and sung for you, but I am reminded daily that everything happens for a reason. And I think my excuse was a once in a lifetime one! Hee hee. I promise not to go into labor next time you need some BGVs. :) Sorry about the ticket though. Matt and I realized it was voting day and then couldn't figure out how to get me there (and him and the baby) and guarantee I wouldn't over exert myself by standing in line. Oh well.