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Friday, February 6, 2009


Kansas, my second home. The land of snow and wonder, cousins and grandparents. Memories as strong as the oak trees that canopy the drive to Grandma's house. Time to show Bennett the Ihrig family...all of us gathered around food, laughter, and love. Older now, but still the same in many ways.....parts of a generation have passed on,  a new generation is forming. What a lovely time with my family. 

Mom and Bennett
"gi gi" spoiling Bennett
"Ga-ga" and Bennett
Jake, my cousins boy...Bennetts 3rd cousin?, and Bennett
Great- Grandma and her boys

The Superbowl in 3d glasses
Bennett loved every minute of it.


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

Your family is CUTE! Love the 3D pic...haha. Can't wait to catch up...see you sooooon!

carolineb said...

I love his pudgy little fingers holding onto the swing.