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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

two baby chins

Whoops...i can tell by the forming of the double chin that this little dude is loving his peas and carrots alot....and his crackers and juice,  and ba"nanas". ...and "lalo" which is what he calls watermelon. UG...more for us to cuddle. Ice is becoming the food of choice now due to teething so i better kiss those chubby cheeks as much as possible. I will be sad when he grows out of them. 


carolineb said...

Ah! I want to squeeze him!

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

Why am I just seeing this post?! How cute are those chins?!?!?! He is just too precious, Mandy. Love him. Send me those wagon photos of our cuties!!

Reed and Kelli said...

Ohhhhh how cute!!! i love this :)