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Monday, March 9, 2009

Hope is stronger than unmovable water

Moses Mann

Beautiful weekend.....the sun warmed my soul...like it did the ground. New seeds were planted, Literally in my garden, and figuratively in my heart. The rain didnt come...only sun and shine and laughter and friends...and the zoo. Hope again to ask God to part the waters in our life. We havent moved forward in so many areas...jobs, finsihing my music project, working on home...too much to tell here....but it has felt like a whole sea of unmovable water lies before us daily.....only He can move such things sometimes..(even if the waters are in our hearts....the reality for me is "unmovable water"). Hope is stronger than unmovable water.....anyway...thats my hope...ha ha.


kelli said...

this melted my heart. i love the pictures that your words paint in my mind and the impression it leaves on my heart......you are gifted in so many ways my friend. all this to say, i LOVE this!!!! your little Moses Mann is just way too precious. love you.....xo

Ali O said...

love the pics. love your words.

kierstin said...

Eli marched around with a very similar stick this afternoon. so thankful for little friends... and pretty weather.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

a perfect little moses.
you are a precious mama.

katie davis said...

thanks for the shout out via the constant prayer request! i just noticed that. always appreciated=) she's getting better and better, slowly but surely. maybe she'll get rid of some machinery sometime this year...we'll see. the littlest mann is ridiculously precious. wish i could see more of him in person. and his parents.