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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playing in the sunshine

Noah and Bennett playing in the sunshine

Today was beautiful....it makes me feel quiet inside knowing God has been so good to give us great friends and libraries that hold story-times and toddlers...and little boys that run after sunshine and reach for it with laughter...and talent to Vanessa so that she can capture these moments beautifully.
And other news in our little Mann world are as follows:
1. Kevin got asked to be a part time worship leader/coordinator at our church
which he is excited about. This will probably be temporary till the end of summer
2. Bennett got excepted into a mothers day out program that starts in Sept. two days a week...
3. Bennett is really talking ... saying about 200 words on his own ...i wrote them all down like an obnoxious English major mother would...ha ha...
words he says cute are "Lalow" for water"
"burp" for toots
"thats funny?" said like a question when he does something he knows hes not supposed to do...hoping i will laugh instead of put him in time -out.
4. My little 5 song music project got mastered this week. Moving forward slowly...
5. Kate from the show Lost was spotted at Fido today i hear...and i LOVE her and that show!!!..
6. My new business adventure i dream about is planting gardens in friends yards ( for a fee) and will do my first friend garden Thursday
7. Still dont like the number 6 so i will end it hear on number 7...ha ha


Reed and Kelli said...

WOW!!!! YEA for Kevin!! I just read this post to Reed and he is really happy for you guys too :)

Great post and what sweet little Bennett is. I love the "it's funny" story! Adorable.

Cant wait to hear your tunes...!! xo

Boggsy said...

That's awesome about Kevin!...and Bennett talking!! I'm coming up to Nashville Saturday for a few days and hopefully I will be able to see you guys...and Kate off lost!! Haha. I'll give you guys a call.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

i'm really excited about a lot of stuff on this list. i loved hearing your vision/thoughts on the garden adventure. i'm truly excited for you & pray God brings much business your way, friend.
today was wonderful....getting to be w/ the Mann's. noah had such a fun time. i am all about that library. we may go this weekend. i'm hooked. love it!
love you!!

The Musician said...

Yay for all things great and small!

carolineb said...

That's funny? He's funny! And beautiful. In camo.